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Tangled the series based CASSANDRA. strictly CANON COMPLIANT with added DEPTH && HEADCANONS to supplement development -- does not adhere to fanon. VERY crossover friendly.

feat. verses from: kingdom hearts, TLOU, descendants, overwatch, star wars, witcher, big hero, SPOP, harry potter 6 && league of legends + more verses. && many aus.



layin’ down some rules so we can all have a great time. let’s all respect each other and get things moving

i’d like to use this blog to have meaningful plots && interactions so never be afraid to approach me to plot or send ic things i will love u forever.

PLEASE FEEL FREE TO FILL OUT MY VERSE INTEREST TRACKER HERE !! for ease to kno what verses u’d be interested in for memes && starters, etc.

[ miyeon 미연 / 21 / they / them / korean disaster child / lesbian / 1 brain cell / loves u ]


🌙 BIGGEST RULE have fun and spread positivty. that’s what i aim to do so if that’s not ur jam i’m sorry

🌙 SEXUALITY i portray cassandra as bisexual / biromantic ( demiromantic ), && attracted to anyone regardless of gender && identity, given she blatantly states in her own words that she is attracted to a man in one of the episodes -- this is also confirmed by the writers, stating they wrote her purposefully to have a crush on a man in that episode. the voice actors of lance && cassandra have also shown support for the romantic ship between lance && cass. i follow canon && what i see -- everyone is allowed their hcs n opinions PLEASE do not force ur hcs on me because NOTHING is canon. the only thing that's canon is cass literally says she's attracted to a man. erasing canon sexuality is messed up && erasing bisexuality && being blatantly biphobic won't be tolerated on my blog so PLEASE RESPECT MY VIEWS. just because u see it a different way doesn't give u the right to send me hate or be toxic && passive aggressive about it. i'd appreciate if u let me have my space as a looot of people in the rpc see it the same way as i do && none of us tolerate this passive aggressive shit. also PLEASE DON'T SEND THE D SLUR TO MY INBOX. I AM A LESBIAN IN REAL ACTUAL LIFE !! n it fully offends me && sends me into deep depression for days. it's not funny to hurt ACTUAL LGBTQ+ over a fictional character who is NOT even canon lesbian. thank you.

🌙 I'M A SLOW WRITER i struggle to communicate in english at a fast past so it takes me a bit longer than others since my native language not english. i can write well when i have the time to think it out and make sure it’s correct but ooc contact might have some pretty great english fucks ups im sorry in advance. just know it’s why i take long to reply sometimes or have weird typos and things. i also have class and work and depression and burnout get me sometimes. i might be low activity at times but know i love everyone i interact with and i adore u

🌙 INBOX my ask box is always open and encourage you to send what you’d like in like interactions, memes, starters, questions && anything that’s not hate. i love continuing memes that i answer for people since i usually write them open for u so if you’re up for it. i usually post ask responses in a new post so always feel free to continue any asks i answer for u n just simply reblog the post !! tumblr ims are only open for ooc interaction. i have discord && those are available if asked for !!

please feel free to send in unprompted ic stuff or ask about headcanons or meta questions u have tbh i live for it it makes my day it's my FAVOURITE thing n never ever annoys me just makes me so happy !!

🌙 SHIPPING i LOVE shipping !! i love ships of all kinds && i'm extremely open && easily enabled so literally just come yell at me in ims / dms if u feel like u'd wanna try to explore any kind of dynamic with cass, whether it's platonic or romantic. i love starting with a base dynamic to build toward && having deep meaningful connections so don't be shy, i'll literally be so happy. though, that being said don't force ship or anything && i ship with chemistry first n foremost && all ships unless plotted otherwise are multiship / multiverse. i'm open for ship exclusives with crossovers, however, so come discuss if u'd like that. flirting && crushes are just fine with me && if u sending flirty memes i won’t think of it as force shipping, just some fun or testing waters. i also love any kinds of ships – hateships, flings/fwb/one night stands, platonic ships, familial bonds, friendships, etc. or even things that had happened in the past or unrequited things on either side. cass has a habit of going for flings as well, as she craves a sense of affection but is terrified of personal commitment. if u ever wanna pre-establish anything, i'm game for it !! && i ship with anyone, canons, crossovers, ocs, anyone !! i do have ships i'm biased towards in the fandom ( such as eugene/cass, raps/cass, lance/cass, eugene/cass/raps, stalyan/cass, adira/cass etc. ) but i'll never force them on anyone BUT if u like them too, feel free to approach me about it n i'll be excited !!

i have several very healthy polyam ships with her on this blog && she is up for polyam ships as long as it's healthy && equal && everyone is aware of it !! i do not do v polyam, as it just makes me vaguely uncomfortable && it's not very fun or equal for all partners involved on a writing basis. cass will never go for any open relationships, as she has too many insecurities to deal with it well.

🌙 NSFW mun && muse are both 20+ && willing && able to do nsfw themes on this blog – i will always tag all nsfw things with 'nsfw tw' && 'nsfw for ts'. if u need it tagged any other way let me kno. smut will only be done with muses AND muns over the age of 18 && will not do smut with aged up muses, NO EXCEPTIONS. please respect this as it makes me EXTREMELY uncomfortable.

🌙 OUTSIDE MATERIAL i'm caught up with the series && have read the comics. though, even if the lost lagoon is not canon to the show, i have add in headcanons from it since i've started my blog. such as cass having a fear of water she overcomes.

🌙 DRAMA i don’t really want anything to do with drama and if you try to involve me i’ll just block you since it gives me intense anxiety. i try to be very positive and keep a safe positive space for myself and others so i try to stay out of it – i don’t know a lot in the rpc so if u seeing me interact with anyone very bad please let me know tbh so i can block && stay away from the anyone very terrible

🌙 BASICS no god modding, don’t be mean ooc, please cut ur posts or i may not follow u, no killing/damaging my character without planning it out first, character is not the mun, if you’d like me to see something or give a starter or ask meme reply please @ me and tag me. i write with anyone -- canons, crossover, ocs, literally anyone. IF I DON'T HAVE A VERSE I WILL MAKE ONE !! i LOVE ocs so much, but pls have a little about so i can kno about them !!

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Bless up and thanks for reading the rules here, have yourself a great day and let’s write soon!

TITLES. Lady Cassandra of Corona.
DATE OF BIRTH. 29 october.
AGE. 25.
( 22-23 pre series / s1, 24 s2 && verse dependent )
ZODIAC SIGN. scorpio.
GENDER. female.
PRONOUNS. she/her.
HEIGHT. 162cm / 5’4” ( 5’5” boots / heels -- based on canon ).
FACE CLAIM. xu jiaqi
ALT FACE CLAIMS. gemma chan ( older / descendants ), sun yihan ( teens )
SPECIES. human.
NATIONALITY. Coronan [ french / german ]
RESIDENCE. Corona [ verse dependent ].
LANGUAGE. french, german, english
OCCUPATION. maid, handmaid / lady-in-waiting, stand in bodyguard, ex-enemy of the state && moonstone thief, traveller [ verse dependent ]
SUFFERS FROM. ptsd, intense insecurities, abandonment issues, depression, anxiety, phantom pains from the injury to her hand, intense nightmares of the great tree incident && of her insecurities, disfigured arm / hand, metal prosthetic post series, fear of water from near drowning young ( previous; has gotten over it -- fear exists in any verse pre-tangled the series ), intense nightmares of her death && being resurrected post series, post series she has a large cracked, black scar on her chest where the moonstone had been embedded.


DIRECT FAMILY. Captain of the guard ( father, adoptive ). Gothel ( birth mother; abandoned cassandra when she was four; repressed all memories of her until she was shown those memories )
SIBLINGS. none. [ verse dependent; varian; alice ]
SIGNIFICANT OTHER. None [ VERSE DEPENDENT; see ships section ].
CHILDREN. None [ VERSE DEPENDENT; descendants: a daughter && a son; two daughters && a son with rapunzel && eugene ].
PETS. red phase eastern owl named OWL. horse named fidella [ not technically HERS but uhh she’s hers ]

HEIGHT. 162cm / 5’4” ( 5’5” - 5’6” boots / heels ).
BUILD. Slender, athletic, toned muscle but very slim torso -- dancers body type -- visibly toned && slender but when flexes or turns, abs && arm muscles are visible. thin middle, larger chest && hips.
EYES. hazel green, large almond shaped. [ moonstone: cyan blue -- when using her full powers her eyes become entirely cyan && glow && spark; her eyes generally glow -- more with her emotions / power use -- && shine in the dark like a cat's eyes ] Nice lashes, eyeliner

eyes are a greyish green with honey brown around the pupil -- post series the honey brown is a cyan blue from having hosted the moonstone for a year; they also still glow && shine in the dark like a cat's eyes
HAIR. black, short layered bob [ moonstone: cyan blue ]
SKIN. pale, clear, smooth, soft. [ moonstone: much paler in the sunlight or out of night ]
SCARS. [ verse && timeline dependent ] after season 2, rapunzel && the great tree: charred black right hand almost up to the elbow, that she keeps hidden in gloves -- suffers phantom pains -- post series her arm is replaced with a metal prosthetic -- post series she has a large cracked, black scar on her chest where the moonstone had been embedded.
MAKEUP. red lipstick, eyeliner, light blush, brown && neutral heavy-ish eyeshadows

POSITIVE TRAITS. Strong, resourceful, loyal, ambitious, independent, protective, proud, humourous, respectful ( dependent on person ), witty, determined, strong willed, noble, fierce, kind hearted underneath, loves animals, caring, supportive,
NEUTRAL TRAITS. Strategic, realist, capable, pragmatic, no nonsense, serious, focused, task driven, craves glory, craves affection && love that doesn't come with strings
NEGATIVE TRAITS. Cold ( until she warms up ), proud, sarcastic, sardonic, cynical, low self esteem, scared, angry, bottles everything in, secretive, vengeful, violent, overprotective, guarded, competitive, blunt, snarky, stubborn, untrusting of others, envious,
LIKES. collecting weapons, combat, praise, respect, clever or funny pranks, being independent, solitude, defending herself && others, adventure
DISLIKES. convents, thieves, selfishness, being disrespected as just a servant, sharing her feelings (sometimes), accepting help (sometimes), strangers, talking about her past or intimate details about her life
SUFFERS FROM. ptsd, intense insecurities, abandonment issues, depression, anxiety, phantom pains from the injury to her hand, intense nightmares of the great tree incident && of her insecurities, disfigured arm / hand, metal prosthetic post series, fear of water from near drowning young ( previous; has gotten over it -- fear exists in any verse pre-tangled the series ), intense nightmares of her death && being resurrected post series, post series she has a large cracked, black scar on her chest where the moonstone had been embedded.

abandoned && adopted at age four -- too early to remember her birth parents ( whom she had repressed the memory of due to being abused && abandoned -- her mother originally being gothel ) by the captain of the royal guard of corona, trained from the age of six to be a strong && skilled warrior with a deep rooted passion to become part of the guard. she strives to show how capable she is despite not being initially taken seriously as she was just a handmaiden to most. && to her father she could never be ready – there was always more training to do even if she was immensely capable. she strove to earn her place && shows dedication to the things she believes in no matter what – even going so far as to push those close to her aside for her own ambitions at times.

cassandra is strong both physically && in her nature. she doesn’t back down from any challenges easily && has to prove herself. though she shows little restraint in speaking her mind easily, even if what she has to say isn’t the kindest && she has little patience with a somewhat short fuse in some situations – she’ll be the first to call someone out to their face.
she’s tough, ambitious, pragmatic && no nonsense && doesn’t spare trust for others she doesn’t know well. she trusts her gut && speaks her mind when she has a bad feeling on something – && rarely is she wrong on it.

she errs on the edge of sarcastic with witty && snarky remarks at the ready – though she has a sense of humour && had learn to be more compassionate. she’s a very supportive friend && puts protecting rapunzel above all else at times on their journey. she can be fiercely competitive but can recognise that she is. she’s strong headed && strong hearted && keeps her secrets && desires to herself behind a well guarded wall with little want to ever accept help from others.

there’s a strong sense of glory she holds close to her heart – expressing that she never could obtain it despite her capabilities, intelligence && strength, how it was always given to someone else as she watches on && waits for her chance. she craves respect && glory but above that she strive to be trusted && have her judgement trusted.

outside her fierce && guarded persona, she’s a free spirit in her own kind of way who loves adventure && loves the thrill of fighting && winning as well as a joy in cleverly initiated pranks. she was raised to pull her own weight && be responsible && she tends to hold others to that high standard.

MOONSTONE POWERS: control over unbreakable black rocks -- able to move them to her will, taking different shapes such as blunt rocks meant to pacify instead of kill, sharp rocks, cages && can build towers && architecture including thrones. Her suit is made from the rocks as well, making it break regular swords on impact with it && she can use it to form blades && different small structures such as a tiny cage for pascal.

NORMAL ABILITIES. mastery && extreme proficiency with swords && various weaponry from being raised by the captain of the guard && being trained since she was six as well as a fondness && deep interest in combat && weapons. she's skilled in many areas such as horseback riding && the duties of a handmaiden ( sewing, cleaning, etc. ) && can shoot three arrows from a single bow. she's intelligent && clever && has proven herself worthy enough for assignments from her father, even to the point of tricking a separatist to take him in.


ELTHRUIL | king thranduil


KINGDOMWAITED | lance, rapunzel, eugene, varian, stalyan, etc.

VILLIANESS | multi muse





ALADYSREVENGE | lady caine

GOLDGLITTERS | multi muse

DALVVE | elsa


SILNTSTRIKR | kiera && catalina ( cass' daughters )

MERCEDITAES | mercy ( oc )


HEARTSMUSES | multi muse

SONGSINSPIRE | alwaro ( bard oc )





GARDENSHE | poppy ( oc )

DREAMWAITED | eugene | boyfriend

NORTHULDRAN | honeymaren | girlfriend

WEBBIN | peter parker | romantic

NOBODYTM | nobody ( oc ) | significant other

DALVVE | elsa | girlfriend && childhood friend

VILLIANESS | multi muse TBD | romantic

KINGDOMWAITED | lance, raps, eugene, stalyan | romantic

GLIMOON | glimmer | romantic

SIGNSPIN | fred | boyfriend

ARENBELLE | anna | girlfriend

VERGLASREGNANT | elsa | girlfriend

GOLDGLITTERS | scout | ex / boyfriend

ALADYSREVENGE | lady caine | romantic

DRAGETUNGE | hiccup | boyfriend

GRCWINGSTRCNG | lance strongbow | boyfriend -- adopted kiera && catalina together

CONTRACTUALSARCASM | megara | romantic

HARTSMUSES | bow / multi | romantic

GARDENSHE | poppy ( oc ) | girlfriend